Thank you for your thoughtful web design testimonial Curtis Williams!

“I cannot say enough good things about Jayne Wayne Design. Jayne has always been punctual in getting the work that I have asked of her, and she has always been available to me when I have needed her. She has been proactive from the very start—setting everything up for me and familiarizing me with all of the various aspects of website maintenance and business through social media, from Twitter to blogging to LinkedIn. Jayne adapted to my needs and saw exactly what I needed to attract visitors to m business. Jayne Wayne Design has the approach of an artist who is tuned in to the needs of the client. I am continually being asked who created my website and I tell them Jayne Wayne Design. I wish that I could take credit for my website as I am the one who receives the accolades and compliments for both it aesthetic sensibilities as well as its navigational ease. If you or someone you know is looking for a company to build or maintain your website I highly recommend Jayne Wayne Design, I am so happy that I did.”


Curtis Williams SLO

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