Many thanks to Keli Hendricks for your kind words!

“I am constantly receiving positive feedback on my website—most everyone who sees it says, “Oh my
God, your website is so beautiful!” The site has a great layout and is easy to navigate, features for which
I have only Jayne of Jayne Wayne Design to thank. Jayne not only took the time to create an effective
and professional website, but she also brought a super-artistic eye to the project, so that it looks just
wonderful. I knew absolutely zero about computers when I first joined the online community, but Jayne
took the time to explain everything and work to help my understanding. She also set me up with SEO
(Search Engine Optimization) which I think has had a big positive influence.

Overall, Jayne Wayne did a great job on the website, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Keli Hendricks
Website Design

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