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Providing Quality Website Content for your Web Designer

Providing quality content is one of the biggest challenges most business owners face. Most of us aren’t gifted writers. Unfortunately, however, our success on the internet depends upon our ability to generate quality content that draws in our ideal customer base. At Jayne Wayne Design, we have content writers to facilitate this endeavor but find that in most cases, small …

Image Compression Tutorial with WordPress Upload

The importance of image compression cannot be over stated. It directly affects your website loading speed and indirectly affects Search Engine Optimization. Certainly, it affects your visitors experience with your website as we all know what short attention spans our society has these days. Here’s a tutorial that should clarify some of the ‘how-to’s’ with regard to sizing images down …

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FTP Access Guide

This is for existing Jayne Wayne Design clients who need to work with files on their server. Thank you!  

Facebook and Social Media Tutorial – Facebook to Content Management System

Connecting to Facebook 1. Log into your website 2. In the WordPress dashboard, select “Settings,” then “Wordbooker” on the left hand navigation column 3. Click the blue button, “Connect with Facebook” and proceed to log in 4. You will be asked to click the ‘reload’ button to complete the connection. Wordbooker Settings Under the Wordbooker settings, you should now be …