Remove duplicate thumbnail and image on WordPress post

Many of the themes I use come with an Epanel.  It can be found under ‘Appearance’ in your dashboard panel on the left. In this Epanel, a number of variations are possible for formatting how your WordPress CMS functions. Many of the options like color and font selection, logo placement, etc. are customized by Jayne Wayne Design for clients’ websites; …

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WordPress Tutorial Series

Introduction to WordPress Content Management System: Dashboard 1st Post Add and edit image Wordpress writes code Save as draft/preview Front-end editor Editing content & custom menus: Editing image size & alignment Alt Tags and captions Image URL’s Editing tools including linking, ‘more option,’ kitchen sink, paragraph settings Publish vs save draft, edit publish date Categories and how are used in …

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Why and how to upload media to WordPress

Here’s a wonderful tutorial on how and why to upload your media files (aka images and files) to the server. This is a nice way to go about uploading your content at once, while selecting your media on an as-needed basis when you start posting. Remember to try to always add a photo to your blog posts to add interest …

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Customize your navigation menu in WordPress

This is a great tutorial that illustrates how to customize your navigation bar. What’s super fun about using your menus this way, is that you can mix pages and categories in the same navigation. Creating secondary, drop-down, or nested navigation is also possible and easy. Enjoy!