Pure HTML/CSS Websites vs WordPress

When deciding between HTML/CSS website development versus a WordPress Content Management System (CMS), we consider many factors.

Both have their own advantages, so we start with an understanding of our clients’ goals. Here are some things we consider when considering these two options.

Reasons to choose WordPress

  • Plugin functionality can be compared to smart phone apps. They add a great deal of  functionality without the need for custom development which can be expensive.
  • As a service, we manage, back up, and update WordPress and plugins routinely. If anything goes wrong, we fix it as part of your service plan!
  • We love the easy integration of reviews and social media which can allow the client to update their website simply by updating their social media. Our clients are busy running their business, and we want to support them in that endeavor.
  • Availability of mobile responsive themes. No hassle of coding for screen adaptation. Mobile friendliness is required by Google these days.
  • Ability to support the client who wants to update their content often without having to contact their web developer. If we’re being honest, however, most of our clients who intend to update their websites end up contacting us for changes. We’re happy to help.
  • Once content pages are created, they can easily be reorganized by dragging and dropping the menu navigation.
  • Our development team at Jayne Wayne Web Design & Branding is well versed in PHP–the coding language used in WordPress, so customization is always an option.

Reasons to choose HTML/CSS

  • All things being equal (age of domain, website content, website speed, mobile responsiveness, etc), an HTML/CSS website will out-rank a WordPress website. Therefore, if a client is looking for a return on investment via higher browser ranking this is preference.
  • Total control over your SEO. A website in HTML is essentially made 0f brick and mortar with unlimited customization ability.
  • You can customize website any way you want. The sky is the limit!
  • HTML and CSS can be easily understood by search engines. In WordPress if you use the plugins and dynamic components. It might not be a suitable option for SEO.
  • Here’s a big one: No need for updates! WordPress constantly releases updated versions as do the plugins. If the plugins are not compatible, you are forced to find an alternative plugin that does the job. This is ongoing, and something we manage for Jayne Wayne Design clients because it is relatively labor intensive.
  • Faster in load time. For most websites with less dynamic contents HTML will outperform WordPress. When it comes to SEO and user satisfaction, load time matters! Faster sites have better client conversion and more sales!
  • Security! HTML websites will offer more security as WordPress. WordPress websites (especially ones not updated regularly) get hacked. Hacked websites lose ranking in Google and lose credibility with your customers.
Both sides have distinct advantages which is why we’ll sometimes use both with seamless design and development. It’s the best of both worlds!