Sandy Collier and Tazs Precious Peppy

Congratulations Sandy Collier & Tazs Precious Peppy!

Sandy Collier won the NRCHA Hackamore Classic this past weekend at Paso Robles on Tazs Precious Peppy…and what an amazing win it was. Sandy has a torn rotator cuff that she maintains with strengthening exercise; HOWEVER during this show it had flared up. Sandy secured her winning position after going down the fence with only very limited range of motion in her right arm–not to mention the pain.
I spoke with Sandy before her fence run, and she not only brought me Coldstone icecream as a fantastic treat but never even mentioned or complained about her shoulder. What a cowgirl!
Visit Sandy’s web site at One of the things we concentrate on with Sandy’s site is optimization and ranking which means I make sure people looking for horse training videos and horse training clinics find her.
Meet Mark Braun of Braun Associated Inc–his Engineering firm. Mark is in need of a new web site, so we’ll be working together to create something fabulous for him. He also seems to be spending a lot of time with Sandy Collier…hmm.

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