Perfect Vintage Avion Trailer (like Airstream). Drive off and enjoy! Delivery option.

This 1971 Vintage Avion Trailer (like Airstream) is the perfect vintage model with just the right amount of updating to allow you to simply drive away and enjoy.

This is a very special vintage trailer. I found it after researching over a year for perfect vintage trailer. I’m not a do-it-yourselfer, so I needed a trailer that was ready to go. I then searched across the United States to find it. I have enjoyed this Avion immensely, but now I need the space in my yard for an addition.

Here’s some of the best features:

  • Avion as a brand is largely thought to be a superior-built trailer to Airstream. When you see this trailer in person, you’ll agree.
  • The exterior is solid and riveting is beautiful. I’m a huge fan of cool exterior vintage panels in the front and back. While this is only a 1971, it has this great retro feature.
  • Gorgeous vintage interior that’s still in excellent condition.
  • Major head-room! Over 6’2″ can stand up tall! You won’t find this kind of headroom in an Airstream. This is an incredible bonus especially for AirBnb’s.
  • The real wood cabinets are beautiful as is or can easily be easily painted for a new look.
  • All appliances working and maintained: vintage range, heater, AC, vintage oven, and freezer, and vintage refrigerator with lots of room. They have all been serviced.
  • New water heater. Works great!
  • Sleeps four people.
  • Convertible sofa
  • Tons of storage.
  • Full-sized bath and shower.
  • New mattresses that are super comfortable. Only one has been slept on a few times. The other one has never been slept on.
  • New full-size bed/sofa cushions and upholstery fabric. Fabric and cushions are in pristine condition.
  • New porcelain toilet.
  • New wood floors are only one year old.
  • Subfloor in SOLID condition.
  • Everything opens and closes properly. When I shopped for vintage trailers, broken cabinets were a huge issue. Not in this model! Everything was built to last.
  • New battery, new gas tanks, new hot water heater, newer tires.
  • Trailer was used and stored in the dry air of the Arizona desert until recently. No water damage.
  • This 1971 model was built to last and before they started using toxic materials used in newer models.

Avion travel trailers were first introduced in 1956 and are some of the highest quality trailers built. The body is two complete aluminum riveted shells with treated fiberglass insulation between them. Avion’s high standard for quality can also be found in its hardwood floors and dovetail cabinetry.

Shells made after 1963 have a satin finish like this one and are more durable than those trailers with mirror-finish exteriors.

PERFECT for an Airbnb. Just park this and place your ad. You could use the images in this ad to get started. Depending upon location, Airbnb’s are bringing up to $400/night. Delivery may be an option.