Cayucos Surf Co

Magento eCommerce mobile-responsive website design & development (includes up to 50 hours and 50 products; customization, design and development) Included
Facebook Store Integration Extension Installation Included
Search Engine Optimize home and primary/service pages Included
System Management Backups/Maintenance/Updates Included
SEO Essentials Program Installation/Maintenance Included
SEO Benefits Included
24/7 Analytics Reporting Access Included
Analytics/Webmaster Tools Installation & Maintenance Included
Sitemap Generation, Submission, Maintenance Included
SEO Footer with Local Schema Included
Website Hosting – PRICE TBT Included
Domain Hosted Email Included
Custom Email Signature with logo & Web Links Included
GetFound Online Listings Management Included
SEO Benefits of Maximizing Premium Target Local Listings Included
Unlimited Bulk Email Account Integration (mailchimp) Included
Favicon Design & Maintenance Included
Secure SSL Install / Unique IP Included
Monthly Charges $250
One-time Installation Fee $9,315


The tasks to be performed by Jayne Wayne Design are defined in this proposal with costs determined by preliminary discussions. Further discussions, revisions, and unforeseen elements may result in modification to the scope of work and, may, therefore, modify the fees projected for this project. The client will be notified before such modifications are necessary.


For projects requiring new website development, website redesign, and graphic design layouts, all content (text and copy), graphics, photos, content, and other materials necessary for the design and layout of the project are to be Emailed or mailed to Jayne Wayne Design prior to beginning design process. This proposal assumes all materials necessary for the completion of this project have been submitted prior to the design process. Additional design and development work for content provided after the design process has begun is not included in the scope of this proposal and will incur additional fees.

Professional copy writing and proofing is available as a service with Jayne Wayne Design. This proposal does not include copy writing or proofing.


Stock photography not included in this proposal will be billed at the rate of $35 per image.


For html static web development work, note the following: Once a design layout is approved, the website will move into the development phase. Adjustments to the design layout, color scheme, etc. should be made in the design phase. Once the design is approved and moved into the development phase, it more time-consuming and costly to make adjustments in color, design, and layout. This estimate does not include design changes made after the site has moved into the development phase.

For CMS website design like WordPress and Magento, websites will be designed using the inherent parameters and limitations of the theme. PHP code customizations to extend a theme’s capabilities are possible but are not included in the scope of this proposal. Fortunately, we are skilled at maximizing WordPress, Magento, and other CMS capabilities and infrequently require time-consuming customization.


Ownership of the files created by Jayne Wayne Design for the client are the property of the client once the account is paid in full. Website hosting and website services may be modified or moved at the discretion of the client if account is paid in full.


All websites by Jayne Wayne Design offer ongoing support and maintenance for hourly fees. Tutorials are included with Content Management Systems as needed, and phone support is offered for additional ongoing assistance and will incur hourly fees. We specialize in supporting clients as their businesses and needs evolve.


‘One-time’ fees are divided into two payments: an initial payment (1/2 of the ‘one-time’ fees) is due prior to beginning the project, and the remaining balance within 45 days of the first payment or before the site goes live (whichever comes first). Monthly fees are to begin on the first day the site goes live. Monthly fees are to be paid with a credit card as recurring charges on our secure merchant payment gateway. All payments are non-refundable.

Work completed beyond the scope of this proposal will be billed at the rate of $110 per hour. This rate is subject to increase after the initial development phase of this project.


Hosting will be provided by Amazon via AWS and managed by Jayne Wayne Design. AWS is a superior but variable hosting platform and billed according to usage (traffic). Client should expect between $100 – $200 for hosting fees. Billing can be regulated at $185 if client prefers a static price.


Website completion for Cayucos Surf Co. is contracted to complete in no more than 6 weeks after design and copy materials are provided in full to Jayne Wayne Design (i.e. photography and written content).  Product content (product images, descriptions, prices and variables) can be input within 3 weeks once submitted. This time is needed to provide the proper time for testing of product and site function as well as customer and user-interface.

Most importantly, your business is appreciated!